Christmas Lolly Houses

PREP TIME: 30min



  • 500g plain rectangular biscuits

  • 500g white chocolate melts

  • 150g jelly bears

  • 150g coloured chocolate buttons

  • 150g assorted jelly lollies

  • 150g sprinkles


  • Step 1: Line a large cookie tray with baking paper.

  • Step 2: In a microwave safe bowl, microwave the white chocolate melts for 60 seconds. Stir the melted chocolate until a smooth consistency forms. 

  • Step 3: Place the melted white chocolate into a piping bag. 

  • Step 4: Place one biscuit flat on the prepared tray. Pipe a layer of white chocolate on top of the biscuit. Stack another biscuit firmly on top of the other.  

  • Step 5: Pipe, 5 small white chocolate dots on top of the biscuit stack. 

  • Step 6: Firmly stick 5 jelly bears on top of the white chocolate dots.

  • Step 7: Pipe, a white chocolate line across one edge of the biscuit stack. Then pipe a second line along the edge directly opposite. 

  • Step 8: Take two new biscuits and stand them upright on top of the white chocolate lines. Maneuver the upright biscuits into a triangular roof shape, piping white chocolate along the peak where they meet to ensure they stick. 

  • Step 9: Decorate the roof of the house with any combination of chocolate buttons, lollies and sprinkles, using the white chocolate as glue. 

  • Step 10: Repeat this process with all remaining ingredients.

  • Step 11: Refrigerate Christmas lolly houses and serve once chocolate has set. 

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